Keith Hawkins is Real Inspiration, Inc.

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Keith Hawkins is Real Inspiration, Inc.

Keith Hawkins presents Real Inspiration Incorporated, a company that helps to solve some of the toughest challenges faced by schools and businesses alike. Through motivational speaking and customized programs, Real Inspiration has four key beliefs. Those beliefs are Relationships, Empowerment, Attitude and Leadership. The relationships built between you and others are the most important part of becoming the person you choose to be. Empowerment starts with you knowing that nothing can stop you, except for you. Attitude is what guides your journey and directs how you take the steps along the way. Leadership starts with leading yourself and ultimately leading others. These beliefs are demonstrated through real life stories, struggles, and victories. Our mission is to H.E.L.P (Honor, Empower, Lead and Protect) clients through speaking, consulting, and programs. We offer bullying and abuse prevention assemblies, freshmen orientations, culture awareness programs, staff development, parent workshops, motivational keynotes, customer service improvement, diversity training, sales training, and so much more. Real Inspiration Inc. offers a customized program or speech that will give your students or employees the tools to find purpose in everything they do, and value in who they are! Real Inspiration guarantees that your school or workplace will thrive after having one of Keith Hawkins life changing keynotes or programs.

Keith Hawkins is Real Inspiration. Keith is recognized as one of the world’s top motivational speakers and leadership consultants. He is most known for being able to connect on a personal level with everyone who hears him speak. Keith speaks with conviction, purpose, and passion. Keith inspires his audience to be a better people, to be the change they so desire, and to learn, grow, and thrive in life. Keith specializes in the areas of leadership, team building, diversity, enhancing school and work climate, bullying and abuse prevention and much more. Keith Hawkins is more than a motivational speaker; he is a performer, entertainer, and professional speaker that inspires his audiences to create change for themselves, their education, and their career. Audiences walk away inspired from Keith’s keynotes, seminars, and workshops with Real value, Real direction, Real skills, Real hope, and Real Inspiration.


Mr. Hawkins,

WOW! You have changed my life and the life of so many others attending Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs. Your enthusiasm perfectly captured the attention of my fellow students which is quite an accomplishment. They knew you cared and for that single reason they remained rapt throughout your entire presentation.

Before the assembly, I attended your workshop. When I was "taken out of my comfort zone" I sat next to a young man whose name and life I did not know. His story was one I never expected to hear and one I would never have heard without your prompting. Since then, we have become good friends and our lives will forever be changed because of that day, when we were forced to meet. From that moment on I have taken it upon myself to never again be forced to meet someone in order to learn about them. I will approach, I will listen, I will share, and I will learn about people just because I will do whatever it takes to show people i care about each and every one of them. I will do more than just tell them, I will show them. THANK YOU so much for your educational and real message. It truly has change my life!

You will never be forgotten. You are a great man and your love for the people of this earth is clear and genuine. Thank you.

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Carmen McDermott
Pine Creek High School Student

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