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Job vs. Dream

So many freshmen go to college with a dream, but four years later leave college with a job. A job stands for “Just over broke.” A dream is much different, a dream is doing something you love doing that you would do it for free, but you do it so well someone pays you for it. The harsh reality is that so many undergraduates want that dream but they don’t know or have the tools to obtain it. Typically they settle with a job. I was given the tools and the know how to keep my dream and develop it during my college career and you can too. I will share with your college students a five step plan that will help them reach their dream and untimely the success that they truly want in life. Here are five steps a student needs to take if they really want that dream they so desire.

Don’t be stereotypical!

So many students go to college and follow what’s popular instead of being mentally prepared for higher learning .This is why only 50% of people who go to college actually finish.

Spend time doing your dream while in college!

Students tend to wait until they’re juniors or seniors to start really focusing on their dream, at this point you become average.

Make every adult your professor!

Professors teach you how to learn. Adults outside of the classroom, non-professors as I call them, teach you how to use what you learn in everyday life.


How many students are really willing to make the necessary sacrifices to obtain their dreams? A person’s “IWILL” can take them further than their IQ much of the time.

Find a Mentor!

Finding someone who demonstrates what it takes to make it in a given field or aspect of life can only enhance your experience and give you a blue print to develop your own dreams.

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Keith Hawkins also offers workshops on various topics to meet the needs of your staff or student conference.

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Retreats for Staff

Keith Hawkins offers a variety of retreats and teambuilding exercises for staff, administration, and students. Keith will customize a retreat for your audience to help you meet your retreat goals.

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