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A good friend, who is a principal in Canada once told me, “If you kick a kid out the front door of your school, because of behavior problems he’ll end up coming through the back door of someone’s home.” My eyes got big and my heart was saddened by the reality of his statement. In 2008 33% of high school students dropped out of school. To their credit most didn’t drop out because they couldn’t do the work, most dropped out because they didn’t see the value in the work they were doing!

I will spend a day at your school and get your students to understand the importance of education and how education is the key to every aspect of life. There are three parts to my day with your school and students. The first part is the assembly where students get to know my story and see that my background is similar to theirs. Anybody can speak to students but are they connecting with them? The second piece is to work with the leaders on your campus. So, many people think to be a leader you have to be a “Good Kid.” The truth is to be a leader you have to have the ability to get people to follow you, good or bad. My goal is to get your leaders to actually lead others in their school in a positive direction so that students can find VALUE in their schooling. The last piece is to have a real heart session with students who don’t care, no matter what! When you don’t care it’s because you’re hurting.

I know because I lived it and I’m still standing and these students can as well. I’m not coming to your school to give your students all the answers but to stir up some thoughts that will help them think about where and what they want for their future.

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