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Own Your Job

Corporations and small business’ goal is to provide a great product and give quality service all while growing as a business. Owners, Presidents, and Upper Management are such a big part in creating and following through with the company goals but getting supervisors and workers to also be in line with these goals can be difficult. Employees so often take on the renter’s mentality instead of the owner’s mentality when it comes to his or her job. When the worker takes on the Renter attitude they don’t always see the goals of the company, they feel disconnected even with their fellow workers, and their attitude is usually poor which effects climate and the culture of your business. This is why customer service is so bad right now even in a recession and it seems like employees don’t know to care. On the other hand, when the employee has the owner attitude they feel like they own their job. They see the vision of the company goals, they have personal goals and professional goals, and they feel that they create the climate and culture of the company. How do we get your employees to understand and act like they own their job instead of renting it?

Keith will share with your employees the importance of finding value in their jobs and how that can be a three way win for the worker, customer, and most important the company or small business. When an employee feels connected to their job they see value in their job. Employees want to know that the position is not the most important asset for the company but the person in the position is the real asset! Also Keith will challenge your employee’s attitude and teach them how to challenge their attitude a daily basis. How your employees think is how they perform! Lastly the key to a successful business is the culture of the workplace. One big complaint for employees is that they don’t like their job but they fail to realize that they help create the culture and climate. One person can dictate the climate at work by how they treat their fellow workers, supervisors, and customers. One person can make a difference if they feel empowered to do so! We all need encouragement but we can’t always wait to get it from someone with higher status like a manager or supervisor. Often times we need to just do it for each other. Keith will empower your employees to empower each other for the morale in the workplace.

Keith Hawkins will not only motivate your employees, but he will also give them day to day skills they can use that will help them maintain the motivation do to their best! Your management and employees will be talking about this fun interactive, yet informative keynote long after Keith leaves. Your employees will care more, give more, try harder, and be more responsible because they now know and act like they own their job. The first step starts with leadership and that’s you! If you want to get the most out of your employees give them the opportunity to hear this powerful keynote that will validate them, challenge them, and show them how to be a great asset to your company.

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Blueprint for Success

If you can’t seem to get the most out of your employees or if your company or small business climate is poor my question for you would be when was the last time you had a retreat for your employees? There are two answers that I always hear, a long time ago and never!

What is interesting is some successful businesses are too busy so they feel they can’t have a retreat unless something drastic happens. On the other hand, some businesses just simply haven’t ever had one. We all work long, hard hours and we all need a vacation to regroup and refuel. I think of a retreat as a vacation at work. It gives supervisors and employees a chance to regroup and reconnect. People go to work every day without the passion they started with in their careers and not fully knowing the people they work with on a daily basis. When workers feel disconnected with each other and lose real purpose in their job this becomes a recipe for failure. The climate is bad and workers attitude becomes poor and at this point all they can think about is a pay check instead of their responsibilities and your customers. This will affect the culture of your work place and ultimately affect the business you provide your customers and this is why a retreat is essential to any corporation or small businesses success.

A retreat gives employers a chance to re-establish who they are as a business. It’s a time to reflect on current goals as well as set new ones, set new expectations, establish agreements, define their mission statement, and allow employees to build a team that is ready to take on the good and bad times of having a business. Your employees will go through an intense session of teambuilding that allows them to connect with their co-workers, they will set personal short and long term goals in the work place, and walk away with a clear vision of what makes their company or small business successful and how they play a major role in that success.

Keith Hawkins is the master of retreats! Keith will have everyone who attends the retreat talking about it well after it’s over and have those who didn’t attend wishing they did. Keith is a facilitator guru who brings out the best in whoever he works with. Your employees will walk away with purpose and return work with passion.

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