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Middle School

Stand for Something

A middle school student can find school difficult because there are so many emotions running through them. Most of their emotion is centered around pain or pleasure. When you combine these types of emotions with FEAR, middle school can be a harsh environment. This is why we hear too often about bullying, teasing, and students not feeling safe in middle school. In middle school we assume that our children our safe, but if the school doesn’t have a climate and culture that supports safety, we don’t have safety. Our middle school programs guarantee to assist you in creating a SAFE environment so that your students can develop, grow, and thrive while learning!

Our programs focus on administration, teachers, and students. We believe that your administration and teachers are essential to student safety. As administrators, it is important to understand the direct correlation between a safe learning environment and the teacher’s ability to teach. The most important leadership position on a campus is the administration. If this leader feels that the climate and culture is important, then he or she will put out the effort necessary to make sure it’s addressed.

For many students today, teachers are an extension of their parents. Because of this, the connection between teacher and student is very important. If there’s no connection, there is no value, and if there is no value there is no respect between teachers and students. Teachers care about their students and they want the best for them, especially when it comes to safety. Many teachers today don’t have the tools or the time to connect with the students. In today’s environment, this can be detrimental.

Students want to fit in and feel accepted, but unfortunately some students will try to gain this acceptance in a negative manner. They might alienate students who are different, tease, bully, use a social network to say hateful and harmful things, spread rumors and even fight. Our programs are designed to help your students understand their fellow student’s “story,” and understand where they come from, what their home life is like, and what makes them so unique and special. It’s hard to hate someone when you know their story. We want to help you create awareness on your campus, and make it a place your students feel connected and valued by teachers and students alike, where they can be safe and learn. Middle school should be the launch pad for student success, not a place where fear exists because they don’t feel safe. We will help you build a climate and culture at your school where students feel good about their education and those they go to school with.

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HELP Challenge: Bullying Prevention Assembly

What so many high school and middle school students lack is a sense of sympathy for each other. So many students are worried about themselves, that they fail to think about what happens to their fellow classmates. This culture has allowed bullies to prey on students because bullies know that most students won’t stop them from bulling other students. This culture doesn’t just hurt the victim, it hurts all of us in the end. I spoke at Columbine in 1999, six months after two seniors shot fellow classmates and teachers, killing thirteen people, including themselves. It’s horrific that anyone would do this. Everyone was affected, and it was the result of bullying.

We can stop bullying but we have to be willing to do something about it now, before it’s too late. I will challenge your school and everyone in it to HONOR each other! At best people want respect, but if you fall short of respect then you become disrespectful! Let’s honor each other. If you fall short of honoring someone, at least respect them. ENCOURAGE each other, we all need to be validated for the good things we do, and everyone can do something good. Encouragement helps build people’s confidence, instead of tearing it down. LEAD our friends to do what’s right, instead of doing what’s wrong. Our students would rather fit in, even if it means doing something wrong, than stand out for doing something right! The first part of leadership is to lead yourself; it’s harder to bully someone when they are a leader. Lastly, we must PROTECT each other. We are part of a family outside of school, but we should also feel that we are part of a family when we are in school. Families always take care of each other, they “have your back”, and are always there when you need them.

If this HELP Challenge becomes a part of the culture at your school, then bullies will become the ones who are intimidated, rather than the students who come to school to just learn. If the culture at your school becomes a culture where we HELP one another, then the climate is brighter for all of us.

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Day of Understanding for Middle Schools

Middle school is such a short time in a student’s career but still a critical time. As I visit more and more middle schools students deal with the pressure of being accepted by their peers. This acceptance that is so important to middle school students can cause a huge divide between haves and haves not, race, culture, gender, and status on a campus. Because of this need to be accepted students rely heavily on image. And when image becomes more important than basic principles like kindness, integrity, character, honor, and respect we have a major issue. The issue is low self-worth, low self-esteem, fights, bulling, and disrespect. When you have these issues survival becomes the culture, the I don’t care attitude kicks in, and everyone in this climate becomes infected. Referrals, tartness, and discipline goes up, now your teachers and administrators are dealing with control issues all day. If you are struggling with these issues or if your test scores are low because of it I have a solution….

Your school has an opportunity to listen to a renown speaker that will take your whole school through a life changing event. Our trained and highly skilled speakers will inspire and motivate your students. Each speaker we have will connect all your students, create a sense of awareness, and challenge their attitudes. In one hour your students and staff will feel that they own their school and the responsibilities that go with it.

Following the keynote presentation your speaker/trainer will train your eighth grade leaders. These leaders are carefully selected to be facilitators for the rest of the week. Your eight grade leaders will receive one of the best leadership trainings in the country. With the skills that your eighth graders will have they will be able to assist the school throughout the school year. They can become mentors for your younger students, put on meaningful activities and projects, and they can enter your high schools with some leadership skills.

Next we will take 400 students a day through a day of Unity. Your students will recap with the speaker they heard in the beginning. The speaker will introduce the nuts and bolts of the Unity Day. The topics that will be covered are bullying, acceptance, involvement, responsibility, character, doubt, fear, courage, and respect. Your students will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone by joining a group of eight students who are their peers. In these groups your students will learn the real magic of individuals. They will walk away connected to all students and a sense of value for their school, and everyone in it.
The program begins with a national youth speaker/trainer presenting one or two assemblies per your request.

Right afterward your eighth grade leaders will go through a three hour training. This will be done between 12:00 and 3:00.

The next morning, 150 of your preselected students will go through the program, which will go for two and a half hours. Afterward, a new group will come in.
At the end of the day the speaker/consultant will debrief with you and your eighth grade leaders. And will work out a plan with you on what to do next and how to keep the momentum going.

Day of Understanding Schedule: Day One

8:00-9:00, 9:00-10:00: keynote (If you have less than 800 students you will have only one keynote, if you have more than 800 you will have two assemblies).
11:00-12:00 Day of Understanding Leader Training
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:30 Day of Understanding Leader Training

Day of Understanding: Day Two

8:00 Registration
8:15-10:45 Day of Understanding Program: Group 1 (150 Students)
10:45-11:30 Lunch
11:30-1:00 Day of Understanding Program: Group 2 (150 Students)

Click here to order “Go Human” t-shirts and wrist bands for your Day of Understanding program.

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Staff In-Service

Through Keith’s work around the country, he hears many of the same complaints from teachers and administrators: students disrespecting teachers, teachers not relating to students, and low staff morale. If you feel these issues have effected your staff, an enrichment day is what you need.

During this powerful enrichment workshop, Keith focuses on creating real relationships with students and staff. The objective for the day is to find value in people and in your work place. Once value is established, your staff will take more responsibility and accountability for your school.

If we can reach this simple goal, it will create a better climate for your staff and students.

Real Inspiration, Inc. guarantees that your staff will walk away empowered.

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Power of Parenting: Parent Night Keynote

Keith Hawkins also offers parent or community nights when he is in your area for more than one day. You can expand Keith’s message into the community by inviting your community and parents to take part in an hour long keynote covering communicating with teens and preteens as well the topics covered that day at your school. This is a great way to get more parent involvement. So many parents have good intentions when it comes to raising their children and although parents do their best, some realize they need more tools to assist them. Some parents have such a tough time raising their teenager they feel like giving up. My parenting workshop gives parents simple tools to aid them during this difficult challenge. When parents have real ways to communicate and understand their children they learn to stop majoring in the minors and focus on what really matters.

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